Eskimo Folding Ice Chair

Eskimo Folding Ice Chair Review

If you are looking to buy the perfect Tri-pod Folding Ice Chair, you need to take into consideration a number of factors. Buying an outdoor folding chair online can be a difficult task, since you can not test the product. You can find this chair online in red color. You can store it, use it and carry it very easily, which makes it the ideal accessory for ice fishing.

About The Product

You can use this chair very easily. It is designed in such a way, in order to provide you a comfortable place to sit while spending time outdoors on the ice. In fact, the triangular folding arrangement of the Ice Chair helps you to transport it quickly while you are out for ice fishing. You can actually fold it in just a minute and unfold it quite easily too.

This is not a heavy chair. More specifically, it is manufactured from steel tubing, which makes it lightweight, in order to use it anyplace you go in just some seconds. It has three legs, in order to help you sit in a relaxed position while spending time outdoors for ice fishing. It is also very durable and it can actually last for many seasons.

In addition, this is a versatile chair, with 30 inches height. Moreover, the height of the seat is 16.5 inches. It's also very convenient, because it comes with a travel bag, which means that you can wrap it, put it in the bag and carry it quite easily along the way while outdoors.

The Verdict

In case your Folding Ice Chair by Eskimo is damaged for any cause replacing it won't cost you a fortune. The only thing some customers complain about the Ice chair is it lacks colour options.

The Eskimo Folding Ice Chair is very effective, simple and easy to carry on your expeditions. You can install it very easily and then you can relax while fishing on ice. Furthermore, this Ice chair is the perfect option for you while on the go for fishing making it the best choice for your fishing necessities.

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