ION 40V 3 amp-hour Electric 8-Inch Ice Auger

ION 40V 3 amp-hour Electric 8-Inch Ice Auger Review

Ice fishing is one of the most tasking water sports in the world, but the fun derived from it is totally worth the effort put in. Albeit the challenge it comes with, the right tools, especially a high quality ice auger in hand, transform every bit of the experience into the most thrilling moment of your lifetime.

Choosing the right ice auger for your ice fishing needs may be quite daunting given the countless brands in the market, but at the mention of the ION 40V 3-Amp-Hour Electric 8-Inch Ice Auger, absolute peace of mind and admiration is what fills the heart of any ice fishing enthusiast. It is designed to offer reliable, effective and energy-efficient operation without compromising comfort and ease of use.

About The Product

Sporting a compact, lightweight design and unmatched ergonomics, the ION 40V 3-Amp-Hour Electric Ice Auger provides a smooth ice drilling experience whether you are a newbie or veteran to the ice fishing sport. In addition to its important features discussed in the next section, it is also essential that you get to know all the best buying options before you finally venture into investing in this ice auger. All this information has been perfectly compiled and explained below.

Despite its lightweight and compact design, it is strong, powerful and durable as well as easy and comfortable to use. Its energy efficiency is one feature that should be applauded. Thanks to its Lithium Ion battery technology, there are zero hassles in getting this device to work. Some of its most important features are listed below.


  • Wide handlebar
  • Powered by rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
  • Length extension included
  • Made of steel
  • Produces 8 inch diameter holes
  • Light to carry

Operating on the most advanced 21st century Lithium Ion battery technology, this ION 40V 3-Amp-Hour Ice Auger will never let you down for as long as you keep recharging its battery. On a single charge, this machine gives you the ability to drill up to 40 perfect holes through ice as thick as 2 feet without producing any waste gas, oil or fume. This translates to greater power as well as faster and hassle-free ice drilling, thanks to its clean energy.

In addition to its ultra-lightweight design that allows for easier portability and maneuverability, this ice auger has its handlebars wide-spaced, which is an improvement from the previous models. Together with the larger trigger button that offers easier access and control during drilling, these wide-spaced handlebars provide maximum comfort, stability and ease of operation.

Another unique feature that I would love to refer to as a benefit, is its reverse feature. Unlike the other previous models that don't have this feature, this ION ice auger does a cleaner and faster ice drilling job without the need of an ice skimmer to clean the drilled holes.​

Given its rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, you no longer have to put up with annoying gases, fumes and waste oils that come with the other energy sources. This very quiet ice auger is definitely the perfect choice for anyone that loves ice fishing.​

The Verdict

Whether you are new or experienced in ice fishing, this ice auger from ION offers every feature you need, with each of the features a breeze to use. 

Investing in a top notch ice auger such as the ION 40V 3-Amp-Hour 8-Inch Electric Ice Auger is probably the most genius decision any ice fishing enthusiast would ever make in their life. Despite the fact that it may be a little above the budget for some people, its impressive qualities totally surpass what you would expect from this caliber of machine.

Its compactness and relatively low weight make it easier for you to bring it along any time you visit the lake during winter. This ice auger will at least offer you an awesome life even during the cold season as you enjoy fishing in frozen water bodies. It sure is a worthy investment.

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