Piscifun Graphite Spinning Fishing Rod

Piscifun Graphite Spinning Fishing Rod Review

During the winter season, lakes deep in the woods of Northern America become frozen. In this season, thousands of people flock this region ready to enjoy the moments offered by ice fishing before the winter breaks. In the USA, ice fishing is considered a recreational activity to undertake with your family.

This sport involves long hours of patiently camping and waiting in the freezing waters for any fish activity. However, without a reliable equipment, ice fishing tends to be exhausting. For anglers, picking the right fishing rod for your activity can be difficult. There are numerous aspects and features to consider before making a decision.

Despite the price of a fishing rod, the main purpose served is one. A perfect rod should provide comfortability and convenience to any user. Every angler knows that purchasing the right fishing rod is extremely useful for any successful fishing ordeal. With a highly reliable fishing rod, the results achieved will be impeccable.

To choose the perfect ice fishing rod to match your needs you must consider:

  • Species and power of target fish
  • Fishing grounds
  • Budget allocation
  • Application of the rod
  • The rod action
  • The Blank material
  • The length of the rod
  • Line balance
  • The rod handling
  • The rod guides
  • The size of fishing reel​

About The Product

This valuable Piscifun ice fishing rod is a deluxe travel rod. This fishing rod has a length of 6' 6'' and a reasonable line weight. The rod comes in 4 power options: heavy, medium heavy, light and medium power. Featuring a hybrid blank with a triple bond, this fishing rod offers impeccable strength and extremely powerful value. The ability to break into 4 pieces hence easier portability.

This expensive rod comprises a slit carbon to ensure perfect action with high sensitivity. The E-glass layer provides an added strength and increased flexibility of the rod. Piscifun guide sets are made of a sturdy ceramic material with enough space to reduce friction in the line flow. This, in turn, enhances performance and rate of sensitivity.

The rod's white tip is made of sturdy fiberglass hence ensuring durability and responsiveness. The EVA handle is equipped to provide a firm grip to the users with minimal effort. Piscifun fishing rod is installed with a hook keeper that acts as a multi-purpose hook to allow the use of different baits like a crank, rigged worms and spinner baits.


  • Cork handle
  • Hook keeper
  • Carbon fiber blanks
  • Sensitive tip
  • Aluminum alloy reel seats
  • Snake ceramic guides

Anglers in need of a convenient fishing rod, this compact and sturdy graphite fishing Rod is a reliable deal for any angler faced with frequent travel schedules. With all the new features and enhanced technologies incorporated, this fishing rod gives you value for your money. The ability to break into 4-pieces ensures efficient portability during transit. A fishing rod is all about its ability to deliver with the least amount of effort and precision.

The Verdict

In the current market, different rods have emerged in different models and levels of sophistication. Eliminating the least effective and complex rod to utilize is the ideal option before any purchase. After narrowing down the number of options for your preferred models, consider the budget allocation and quality of the makes.

The market leader ice fishing rod is a compact and sturdy traveler rod. It comes with multiple power options providing high sensitivity and flexibility. A purchase of this ice fishing rod guarantees the ultimate fishing experience and fun in the icy waters. Its efficiency reduces the amount of energy required to handle the rod. Overall, this is a world class fishing rod each angler should have an experience with.

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