Shappell multi purpose jet sled

Shappell Multi Purpose Jet Sled Review

Going fishing in hard weather conditions is not very easy without having the right equipment. Ice fishing is an outdoor activity that includes many difficult conditions and the best equipment is needed in order to feel that your ice fishing is a success. Due to this, we recommend you the SHAPPELL 54" JET SLED-MULTI-PURPOSE SLED. This sled is exactly what you need while you are going ice fishing. In the following sections of this review, you will discover more about this multi-purpose sled.

About The Product

Every pound is important when you practice outdoor activities such as ice fishing and hunting. This sled weighs 15 pounds and its dimensions are 54 inches long, 24 inches wide and 10 inches deep. With these dimensions, it provides enough space for you to carry on all your tools for ice fishing. Due to its small weight, the sled will not burden you.

The sled is constructed of rugged polyethylene. This product includes molded runners in order to provide stability during transportation. These molded runners ensure also strength for this product. In order to be easily pulled by hand, this sled has a specially made careen, so you will not have to do much effort to pull it. Due to its dimensions and construction technology, it provides a strong surface beneath your equipment and it also slides very easy.

Besides usefulness during ice fishing, the SHAPPELL 54" JET SLED-MULTI-PURPOSE SLED may be also used with success during activities such as feed and firewood transporting, or even during hunting activities in cold winter conditions.

The Verdict

This sled is developed in order to be used in hard weather conditions for activities such as ice fishing and hunting in difficult areas. Its dimensions and construction techniques provide a lightweight, easy to use and a very nice jet sled. We are sure that you will be very happy with the high quality provided by this sled. Everyone who is passionate about ice fishing may afford this product.

If you haven’t yet bought a jet sled for ice fishing and hunting in winter conditions, then you should invest in the SHAPPELL 54" JET SLED-MULTI-PURPOSE SLED. You won't regret being able to find your perfect spot on the ice faster!

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