Terrain Sport Sled

Terrain Sport Sled Review

There are several things you need for an ice fishing trip, from the equipment to the shelter. But to take all these things along, you will need an ice sled that is critical for the transportation to the perfect spot. A good sled makes the transportation of your ice augers, ice traps, ice fishing rod, tip-ups and your ice shelter easy and effective across the frozen lake to the spot where the fish are schooling.

About The Product

We have been fascinated by the heavy duty quality of this sled that allows it to carry unimaginable loads through terrains that other sleds cannot withstand. This sled can be towed by person, snow dog or small vehicle. Its size allows for plenty of storage space that can accommodate assorted gear for ice fishing.

When compared to other sleds in terms of the value for money, this Terrain Sport Sled is the best option. The smaller ones may be cheaper but will not be able to transport everything you need for your ice fishing trip. The bigger ones will carry more but are way too expensive. This sled is not only affordable but will serve you well for a long time.


  • Towing rope included
  • Made with Polyethylene
  • Plenty of storage
  • Heavy duty
  • Carries decent size load
  • Flexible to prevent the sled from snapping

The Verdict

This Terrain Sport Sled is far more superior than most of its peers. The durable high-impact polyethylene used is strong but still flexible to navigate rough terrains without cracking. The large storage space will allow you to carry everything you will need for ice fishing or any other activity that needs a sled.

Before you embark on your next ice fishing trip, ensure you have this sled with you and you will realize why it is termed as the ultimate ice fishing sled. You too can be part of those enjoying their ice fishing to the fullest. It's about time you turned your ice fishing into an exciting adventure with this sled.

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