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Wise Bucket Seat 360 Degree Swivel Review

Finding the ideal chair to add comfort and convenience to your ice fishing outing can be quite a challenge. A comfortable, quiet seat goes a long way to making such an expedition more relaxing and enjoyable. The Wise Bucket Seat is such a reliable, trusted companion.

About The Product

It is clear that careful consideration of the storage, transportation, ease of use and durability were included in the design of the Wise Bucket Seat with the 360 Degree Swivel to ensure that the product adds value to your ice fishing experience.


  • 5 gallon bucket
  • Insulated foam cooler
  • Swivels 360 degrees

The back rest hinges closed onto the foam padded seat, so the chair fits into a car or truck easily, and takes up less storage space when it’s not in use.

The insulated bucket provides the ideal space for storing gear, so when you get to your fishing spot there aren’t many bits and pieces to carry from the vehicle.

The lid opens easily to allow access to the bucket when you need it, and the insulated foam cooler can be removed easily if you need to clean the bucket after the expedition.

The heavy duty plastic construction of the Wise Bucket Seat makes for a very durable product. It can withstand wet conditions, severe temperature changes, and the usual bumps and scratches that come from carting something around.

The backrest hinge is sturdy, and the tough polyester camo fabric on the seat is made to last.

The Verdict

Wise Bucket Seat 360 Degree Swivel chair is a sturdy, durable product which is fit for its purpose, user friendly, and provides excellent value for money.

The convenience of the 5 gallon bucket for carting gear to and from your favorite ice fishing spot is a big plus, and the fact that the bucket keeps your gear dry is also a great benefit.

The designer of this product ensured that it has excellent functionality while maintaining a simple and easy to use design.

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